Spring 2021

Tree Seedling Sale

Species & Dates to be Announced

Fall'20 Tree & Shrub Seedlings

Fall Tree Seedling Sales were held at outdoors at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds on October 8 and November 12. For successful fall planting, the tree seedlings must be dormant. We have a limited number of tree seedlings available. Seedlings can be planted in garden space over the winter, then transplanted to the desired location.  Tree seedlings have been repacked in large buckets with soil to protect roots until planting.

  • To order seedlings, email or leave a phone message.

  • Customers can pick up orders outdoors at the Marshall USDA office building located at 13464 Preston Drive, Marshall.              Invoices will be mailed to customers.   

  • Call (269) 781-4867, ext. 5 to leave a message.  Note that quantities are limited.  


Domestic Apple– 10 for $20

(Excellent for deer plots)

Sugar Maple – 10 for $25

Red Oak - 10 for $25

White Oak– 10 for $25

Black Walnut– 10 for $25

Landscaping & Wildlife Packets– 25 seedlings for $20

Includes FIVE each of High Bush Cranberry, Common Lilac, Spicebush, Winterberry, White Flowering Dogwood


Common Lilac – 5 for $15

Sargent Crabapple – 5 for $15

White Flowering Dogwood– 5 for $15

Redbud– 5 for $15

Note:  The seedlings have a Certificate of Quarantine Compliance (pest inspected) and Calhoun Conservation District is certified with a Nursery Stock Dealer License by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD); State of Michigan.