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Tree Planting

SpringTree Sale

Calhoun Conservation District

2024 Spring Tree Seedling Order Form

Mail in your order form to our office or email us with the attached filled out PDF:

13464 Preston Dr. Suite 120

Marshall, Michigan 49068

About the Native Michigan Tree Seedlings 

We are very excited to continue to offer a wide variety of native species at our spring tree sales. What are native species and why are they important? “Native species” is a term used to describe a species, in this case, a tree or shrub, which has historically been found in an area without having been brought there by humans. 

What makes this so important is that it means that individual plants of these species have a complex combination of traits that have been selected for over millions of years so that they are particularly well-suited to this area and the other organisms that are found here.

When planted in the appropriate spot, native plants require less watering and maintenance over the years than non-native species and are more likely to withstand the wide range of extreme weather conditions in this area. They are also more resistant to local “pests”. Native plants are better-suited for sustaining diverse native wildlife communities and are much less likely to become problematic. 

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