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Brandt Woods

Sheridan Township, Calhoun County, Michigan    


Conservation Area: Brandt Woods – 101.6 Acres

Location:  Sheridan Township, Section 7 and Section 8

Parcel: 19-080-015-00

Street Address: 25297 H Drive North, Marshall, MI  49068


Conservation Area Description

North branch of Rice Creek defines most of the northern boundary.  At the eastern boundary there is a narrow 310’ strip that extends from the main parcel to H Drive North. Vernal pools and intermittent waterways out letting into Rice Creek provide an ideal habitat for native spring wildflowers and warblers. Approximately 70 of the 101.6 acres consist of a well-developed beech-maple forest.

Education and Research

Brandt Woods has been studied and appreciated as an outdoor biological laboratory for professors and students of Olivet College, Albion College, and Michigan State University. Concerned citizens addressed issues at the time of the first proposed timber harvest in the 1980’s. During that time, the group consisting of professors and naturalists formed a coalition to protect the well-loved woods.

A children’s summer nature camp was held at Brandt Woods under the direction of Terah Egnatuk, then CCD Education Specialist.

Revenue Sources                                                                                                       

Rotational timber harvests to manage properties are conducted periodically. A timber harvest at Brandt Woods was last done in the spring of 2018.

Hunting Lease Rights                                                                                                                                                                 Brandt Woods is leased yearly from September 1st  to January 30th  for private hunting rights.  During this time, visitors are not allowed to hike on the property, for safety reasons.


Brandt Woods was donated in 1963 to the Calhoun Conservation District by Charles Brandt, a well-known local naturalist and conservationist.  During the 1950’s, after many conversations with Michigan State University colleagues and friend Burrell (B.E.) Henry, Calhoun County Agricultural Director, Mr. Brandt laid the groundwork to deed his woodland in perpetuity for conservation studies. Mr. Brandt retained a life lease on his property to manage as he wished, during his lifetime.

Image by Oskar Kadaksoo
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