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2023 Board of Directors & Staff

Kent VanSickle continues the tradition of family farming and responsible stewardship, in a  seven generation family  committed to land located in Marengo Township.  He serves on several boards including the local fire department and MarLee Elementary School board.  His knowledge of  land management enhances conservation awareness, and serves as a role model for others in the field of agriculture.

Kent VanSickle


Linda Kubiak


Linda Kubiak resides in Clarence Township and was recently elected as Clarence Township Supervisor. She has provided guidance to the Duck Lake Association for their watershed management plan. Linda and her husband operate a farm producing corn, soybeans, and hay. She has served on the District Board over 20 years; contributing first-hand knowledge of the agricultural community and local government. 

Isiah Strand

Lead Watershed Coordinator

Isiah Strand grew up in Marshall, Michigan. He graduated from Olivet College in 2021 with a Bachelors' Degree in Biology and Environmental Science. Isiah has experience as an invasive species technician for the Branch-Calhoun-Kalamazoo CISMA. His enthusiastic approach to aquatic studies provides the leadership for  the Nottawa Creek Watershed Project. 

Brian Huggett

Board Chair

Brian Huggett comes from a farming family who has resided  in Calhoun County for more than 150 years.  He has worked for state and national parks in Michigan and California, as a hydrologist and cartographer. His expertise with grant-funded aquatic and watershed projects has served the board and community positively. Currently Brian serves as  Watershed Technical Advisor, in addition to his role as Chair for Calhoun Conservation District.

Greg Fountain 

Associate Director

Greg Fountain has been a long-time board director and past chairman for the Calhoun Conservation
District. His family-owned Double Eagle Farms, located in Marengo Township, has been a producer
of beans and corn production. His agricultural and conservation knowledge has benefitted the Calhoun
Conservation District for many years.

Maureen Reed

District Manager

Maureen Reed began her career  in environmental education when she and husband, David Reed, served as resident managers and caretakers of Michigan Audubon Society's Baker Sanctuary in Convis Township. Maureen combines  nonprofit administrative experiences with a hands-on approach, and  appreciation for  natural history studies in Michigan. 

Paul Egnatuk


Paul Egnatuk grew up in the Marshall area and has been active in conservation practices and watershed initiatives, including involvement with the River Country Heritage Water Trails.  His professional experience working in the Michigan Legislature has proved invaluable during 2020-21, when boards were required to adjust to virtual meetings. Paul continues to guide  Calhoun Conservation District with policy and procedure requirements. 

Mark Karaba


Mark Karaba has a passion for the environment and protecting natural resources. As an avid fly fisherman and guide, he has lead the way to educate the public and keep the flow of Rice Creek moving and clean. Mark established the Friends of Rice Creek,  a non-profit under development , serving as its president. 


MAEAP Technician

Calhoun & Jackson Counties

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