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                                                                Calhoun Conservation District Services             

Calhoun Conservation District provides professional expertise to citizens by partnering with local, governmental, and stakeholder groups to promote healthy aquatic and agricultural resources in Michigan.  Partnering with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Farm Service Agency (FSA) in the USDA Building located in Marshall, Michigan. The Calhoun Conservation District works together with these agencies to provide education and services for landowners and farmers. Oversight provided by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Resource Development (MDARD) guarantees accountability with programs and services. 

Rivers -  Streams - Aquatic Habitat 

Road-stream crossing inventories and evaluations, bridges, culvert replacements, watershed studies, hydro-logic issues, in-depth reports and assessments to help make decisions on infrastructure and other watershed issues affecting aquatic resources.

Fisheries habitat and macro invertebrate studies to evaluate current conditions, monitoring, in-depth reports with statistical analysis, results, discussion, and recommendations that lead to common sense solutions.

Geomorphic surveys using specialized equipment to develop proper road-stream crossings, stream restoration projects, and information required to develop any type of action or work approvable by the State managing agencies.

                 Agricultural - Farms

  • MAEAP Phase 1 Education Sessions

  • Farm-specific risk assessments and best management practice implementation

  • On-site farm verification to ensure the producer has implemented environmentally sound practices

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