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Jenney Woods

Fredonia Township, Calhoun County

Conservation Area: Jenney Woods - 156.26 Acres

Location: Fredonia Township, Ceresco, Michigan

Parcel: Section 7

Street Address: C Drive South & 12 Mile Road, Marshall, MI

Conservation Area Description

Jenney Woods contains approximately 156 acres. There are three tracts labeled at Jones 1 (121.60 acres), Jones 2 (13.60 acres) and Jones 3 (21.06. acres.

Jones 1 consists of dry-me sic southern forest.

Jones 2 and Jones 3 contain grassland and wetland. A poorly drained pin oak/swamp white oak and silver maple swamp located on a broad, flat sandy out-wash channel with mature woods on the south boundary and surrounded by agricultural fields on all sides. County Road runs on the western boundary of the property.

Education and Research

Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Landowner Incentive Program Grant awarded Calhoun Conservation District a grant in 2016 to develop and maintain the wildlife habitat through native grass and wildflower planting on ten acres of the the property.

United States Fish & Wildlife Service awarded Calhoun Conservation District a grant in 2016 from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative  (GLRI) Partners to restore one acre of wetland. 

Revenue Sources

Rotational timber harvests to manage properties are conducted periodically. A timber harvest at Jenney Woods was last done in May 2014.

Hunting Lease Rights

This property is leased from September 1st to January 30th for private hunting rights.  During this time, visitors are not allowed to hike on the property, for safety reasons.   

Directions and Information

Please contact the Calhoun Conservation District for Jenney Woods driving directions at (269) 781-4867, ext. 5 or e-mail

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