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Hunting Leases for Fall 2022 Season

The Calhoun County Conservation District is proud to have the ability to offer hunting leases. We are looking for individuals who will be good stewards of the land and who will keep conservation in mind when hunting on these properties. The properties we have available the district has maintained for many years and we wish that more people can enjoy the properties and what they have to offer. 

From August 15th through August 26th, we will have an open bid for the properties. Bids can be emailed, mailed or brought into the Calhoun County Conservation District. You may even call by phone to place your bid. 

Bidding Procedure

First read through the property lease agreement to understand the requirements for leasing a property. Click the button below labeled "hunting lease agreement" to download this form.

Starting August 15th bids can be placed with the Calhoun County Conservation District bids will end at 4pm on August 26th. Bids will be placed in increments of $50.00. We will accept bids daily and we will update the current bids for each property daily. Click the button below labeled "Bid Form" to download the bid form and to submit a bid. Quickest way to submit a bid would be to email the form to and

Available Properties for Lease

Brandt Woods - 101.6 Acres           

Current Bid $4,400

Jenney Woods Lot A- 88 Acres

Current Bid $4,500

Jenny Woods Lot B - 68 Acres

Current Bid $3,100

McAllister Road - 13.2 Acres

Current Bid $650.00

Brandt woods is a well wooded property, about 70 acres consist of beech-maple forest. 

Jenny woods consists of a mixture of wetlands and hardwood forest. This property is surrounded by agriculture fields.

Jenny woods consists of a mixture of wetlands and hardwood forest. This property is surrounded by agriculture fields.

McAllister Road property is a hardwood property in Battle Creek.

For additional Property information please go to our PROPERTIES tab at the top of the page. Or click       

Please remember that when considering a hunting lease with the Calhoun County Conservation District we are looking for hunters who will keep our mission in mind when hunting. We want individuals who will help us to be stewards of the land and who will help raise awareness for conservation.

Click below to download the 2022 Michigan Hunting Digest


  • Keep the safety of your firearm on until you are prepared to take your shot.

  • Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.

  • Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

  • Be aware of your surroundings – know your target and what is beyond it.

  • Put your finger on the trigger only when you are ready to shoot.

  • Don’t use your scope as binoculars – only point your firearm at something you intend to shoot.

  • Unload the firearm when crossing obstacles and/or getting in or out of a tree stand.

  • Check the barrel and ammunition to ensure they are clear from any obstructions and use the proper ammunition.

  • Do not drink alcohol or use any mind-altering substances when hunting – including marijuana and/or medications.

  • Firearms in the home should be unloaded and securely stored separate from the ammunition.

  • When transporting firearms in vehicles make sure that they are unloaded and in a case.

Tree Stand Safety

  • Using your hands and feet, maintain three points of contact at all times when ascending or descending into a tree stand.

  • Always use a full body harness that is attached to a secure fall line positioned above your head.

  • When lifting your firearm or crossbow into a tree stand, use a secure pull system (such as a rope) and make sure it is unloaded and the safety is on. Do not attach anything to the trigger guard.

  • Refrain from using screw-in steps on tree stands that are located on public land.

  • Ensure your tree stand is securely attached and stable prior to using it.

Hunter Orange and Trespassing

  • Obey no trespassing signs - they are there for a reason.

  • If your game goes onto property marked as "no trespassing," you must have the landowner's permission to retrieve your game.

  • The DNR recommends that you wear as much hunter orange as possible to increase your visibility - orange and other colors do not impact deer's behavior.

  • Hunter orange should be worn as the outermost layer of clothing and must be visible from all directions. Options include:

    • Cap

    • Hat

    • Vest

    • Jacket

    • Rain coat

  • Hunter orange garments (including camouflage) must be at least 50 percent hunter orange to meet the legal requirements.

  • If you are recreating outdoors near hunting areas, wear hunter orange so you can be seen by hunters.

Information regarding hunter safety tips was presented by the Michigan DNR. For more information please visit their website Hunting Safety (

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