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Native Wildflowers & Grasses

Wildflowers Benefit Wildlife

Low-maintenance - Wildflowers grow without any attention.  That's what makes them wild, of course, but that's also what makes them a great choice for our garden.

Easy to cultivate -Do you have soil that just won't sustain a vegetable garden?  This is where wildflowers thrive! 

Ecosystem benefits - By planting and cultivating wildflowers, you'll bring insects into your area that help to improve the soil.  Bees and butterflies keep the plants pollinated and growing.  The plant roots are deep and help to hold water, discouraging runoff and/or erosion.

Health & Beauty - Wildflowers are beautiful.  They'll brighten your landscape, are disease resistant and promote an abundance of habitat and pollination needs for birds, birds, bats, and butterflies. 

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