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Environmental Education

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                                                                                        Celebrate Arbor Day Celebrations Year-Round

Michigan’s 20 million acres of forests and abundant urban trees help people and the environment in many way.  Trees clean the air and water, provide homes for wildlife, create forests, absorb carbon, cool the earth, supply renewable materials for building, and provide natural beauty.

Arbor Day, celebrated the last Friday in April, is a holiday dedicated to learn and appreciate the importance of trees.  Arbor Day was first held in 1872, and the inspiration to honor trees came from a Michigan native by the name of J. Sterling Morton.  His dream was to teach people about the importance of trees to the earth and begin an annual event for tree planting across the country.  

There are easy and fun ways to celebrate Arbor Day with your friends and family in your own backyard:

* Challenge your family to a tree identification contest using the “What Tree Is That?” guide.
* Create works of art with tree-themed coloring pages or make nature crafts from pine cones, leaves and twigs.
* Learn about the importance of trees and sustainable forest management which means the products produced from wood.
* Purchase a tree seedling from your local conservation district office and plant a tree in your yard.
* Hike at your local park or nature trail and record the wildlife that live in the forest.

* Plant native wildflower seeds or put in a rain or butterfly garden. 

To learn more ways to celebrate Arbor Day, visit the Arbor Day Foundation website:

Michigan Arbor Day Alliance website: 

Michgan Department of Natural Resources Urban and Community Forestry website:

Though our lives have changed for the time, appreciation for nature and everyday activities can provide great comfort to children and adults. While Earth Day and Arbor Day celebration are held in April, this past spring in-person gatherings and other stewardship events were canceled to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  Celebrations to protect and appreciate the environment can occur year-round to support conservation and protect Michigan’s natural resources in your own back yard.

Information provided for this article was published by the Arbor Day Foundation. 


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