Board Meetings  2020 Schedule

       Board Meetings              - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC-          are held

third Tuesday

monthly at 5:00 p.m.

Calhoun Conservation  District Office

l3464 Preston Drive

Marshall, MI 49068


          For Information:                      Call (269) 781-4867 ext. 5


Fall 2020


Conservation News

   Annual Meeting  
Election & Appropriations  has been re-scheduled to February 16, 2021
Regular Board Meeting 
December 15, 2020
at 5:00 P.M.
Virtual Meeting


For information on meeting    attendance, contact          Calhoun Conservation District 269-781-9867 ext. 5 or email

Annual Meeting Election Notice

Annual Meeting re-scheduled to February 16, 2021

Marshall – The Annual Meeting & Election originally planned for November 17, 2020 has been rescheduled for February 16, 2021. Calhoun Conservation District (CCD) announces two (2) open board vacancies to be filled at the Annual Meeting on February 16, 2021. To submit a Nominating Petition for the Conservation District Nonpartisan Election, board candidates must be residents of Calhoun County and of legal age for eligibility  to seek election to the four-year board term. In addition to proof of residency, a nomination petition, with at least five signatures of Calhoun County is required by Calhoun Conservation District to be placed on the election ballot. 


Absentee ballots for voting are available to all Calhoun County residents of legal voting age.  The Calhoun Conservation District will provide each absentee voter with: A.) One ballot   B.) One voter registration form and C.) One pre-addressed envelope to return the ballot and registration.


Call the Calhoun Conservation District office at (269) 781-4867 ext. 5 or email at to request a ballot today.

Calhoun Conservation District was formed in 1945 and today continues with a mission “to serve, educate, and empower our community by providing technical assistance and information to all landowners in all aspects of natural resource management.”  As one of the 75 conservation districts in Michigan and guided by the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts (MACD), the CCD provides conservation assistance and education to local communities.

 More information on the programs and services offered by the Calhoun Conservation District can be viewed online at



Attention to the public served by Calhoun Conservation District:


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Calhoun Conservation District office began to manage business remotely to comply with the Stay Home ,Stay Safe Executive Orders issued by the Governor of Michigan. Business continues using  CDC guidelines for the safety of staff and citizens served by the local District. 


Monthly board meetings using an online meeting format were conducted in the spring and early summer, and recent board meetings were held outdoors and at a township hall adhering to safety guidelines.  All meetings are posted on the website and at the Marshall USDA office building.


Communications  with grant funders, and partners on watershed projects currently underway, have been conducted by phone and e-mail. As we pull out of the pandemic and cautiously move back to the new normal, we wish for the very best to our communities. We will work together to  build  upon new strengths, with the common goal to conserve and protect the environment.  

Please stay safe during this time. We continue to serve the public through phone calls and e-mail communications, and by appointment. The board and staff look forward to once again opening our doors to provide conservation services and education to the public. Inquiries may be e-mailed at  or call 269-781-4867, ext. 5 to leave a message.

Thank you,
Maureen Reed, Manager
Calhoun Conservation District


Calhoun Conservation District 

            Mission: to serve, educate, and empower our community by providing                        technical assistance and information to all landowners in all aspects  of natural resource management

Calhoun Conservation District was created in 1945 and has been the leading local conservation entity for 74 years.  The District partners with environmental and agricultural communities by coordinating conservation projects and programs throughout the Calhoun County and southwest Michigan. Serving as a  local source for individual and community assistance in natural resource management and education, the District strives to provide services and programs to meet the needs of the community.   


Guided by a locally elected Board of Directors, part-time staff and dedicated volunteers, the District focuses on ground and surface water issues, sustainable agricultural practices, environmental stewardship, education, wildlife habitat, aquatic ecosystems, forestry  management, and community projects. A main priority continues to be watershed projects to maintain quality water flow within Calhoun County, by partnering with local, state, and federal agencies.

Programs in 2020 include community educational outreach, an annual tree seedling sale, loan of the no-till drill for planting native wildflowers and grasses to support the CRP Pollinator Program, and youth conservation educational programs .  Property stewardship for the CCD owned and managed properties continues to be a focal point; in addition to the watershed projects with local, state, and federal partnerships. For more information on projects, programs, and volunteer opportunities, e-mail or call (269) 781-4867, ext. 5.