Kalamazoo River Heritage Water Trail

Heritage water trails are routes on navigable waterways such as rivers, lakes, and canals designed and implemented to foster an interactive historical education experience. 

Historical markers posted on bridge crossings highlight historic events or themes related to the waterway.  A companion guide provides a more detailed presentation of the historic material in addition to acting as a more conventional water trail guide with  maps, put-in points, take-out points, rest stop locations, paddling conditions, etc. 

Visit Michigan Heritage Water Trails to learn more and see the Kalamazoo River trail map from Albion to Battle Creek.  Click on the image below to view and/or print CCD's Kalamazoo River Heritage Water Trail Guide for Calhoun County.  If you'd like a printed copy mailed, please contact the CCD office at (269) 781-4867,  Ext. 5.

NOTE: To properly print this guide set your printer to letter size (8.5 X 11"), two-sided (flip sheets on short edge), booklet (side-fold).