Morning Nature Camp

        at Wilder Creek Conservation Area has been postponed this summer.                        Plans are underway for monthly nature walks open to all ages.              More information will be available soon!


We look forward to seeing you soon to discover the joys of nature and friendships! Until then, please stay healthy, get plenty of fresh air, and drink lots of fluids on your nature walks.

                                                         Walk on the Wild Side

From spring through winter 2020, unlike any other year, we have time to reflect and explore our neighborhoods, woods, and along water’s edge. Throughout the 75 years that Calhoun Conservation District has existed, outdoor education has been a focus with nature camps and guided hikes. A favorite activity at the nature camps are the outdoor walks. Take along this list of ways to look a little closer at nature, next time you step outdoors. There’s no right or wrong answer, but a fun way to observe along the way.


  • What are three things to know or take before you go outdoors on a nature hike?

  • Find five different kinds of seed pods or dried plants. How are the shapes similar or different?

  • Talk about three ways to observe nature. Hint: binoculars, sketch pad, and camera

  • Identify three deciduous trees (lose leaves in the fall), and three coniferous trees (evergreen). Check the feel of their bark, leaves , and pine cones.

  • STOP! Take a deep breath. What do you smell? Can you feel any wind?

  • Find three different insects and figure out they live and what they might eat.

  • Sit quietly next to a pond or stream to observe aquatic life. What do you see and hear?

  • Close your eyes and listen. Do you hear birds, frogs or insects?

  • Find two plants that have evidence of animals that have eaten or nested in them.

  • List ten animals, birds, insects, and fish that live in the same part of the country as you!

For more information on the programs offered by Calhoun Conservation visit www; or e-mail for all inquiries.



     Good times and happy memories of Morning Nature Camp in 2019!

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Nature Camp p.1.JPG