Wildlife and Wildflower Seed Sales

Wildlife Habitat Seed - Food & cover are fundamental to maintain quality habitat for deer and other wildlife.  Our seed mixes are available to order through mid-September and will be delivered to the Calhoun Conservation District office within 7-10 days after placing your order.  

Backyard Wildflower Seed - An All Perennial Mix, a Wildflower Mix, and a Pollinator Mix may be available on a first come, first serve basis.  Call the Calhoun Conservation District office (269) 781-4867 ext. 5 for more information.  

Conservation Mixes for Farm Bill Programs - These meet or exceed NRCS standards.  Order the quantity you need according to acreage.  Orders must be picked up at the Calhoun Conservation District office approximately 14 days after you place and pay for your order.  Call the Calhoun CD office 269-781-4867 ext. 5 to place your order.  Payment must be made at the time of order.