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Metcalf Lake

5475 Baseline Road, Assyria Township, Barry County

Conservation Area: Metcalf Lake - 160 Acres


Location:  Assyria Township, Barry County

Parcel: Owned by the City of Battle Creek Parks & Recreation Department; Managed by Calhoun Conservation District (CCD)


Street Address: 5475 Baseline Road, Assyria Township

Conservation Area Description: 

Metcalf Lake is a 160- acre forested parcel with a 35-acre lake on the property. The property was  donated to the City of Battle Creek Parks & Recreation Department in 1998 by David & Eleanor Bailey.  Mr. & Mrs. Bailey family deeded the property with the following conditions that include:

  • the property be kept as a nature area for use by the public;

  • the property may not be used as a campground; however, it shall allow for  limited overnight rustic camping for recreation/educational use may be permitted, with prior permission;

  • that all persons using the Lake use a personal flotation device (PFD);

  • the Metcalf Lake be used for a public park and recreation area; for the  enjoyment as natural space for environmental study and nature appreciation.

The City of Battle Creek Parks & Recreation entered into a lease agreement with Calhoun Conservation District; approved by the Battle Creek City Commission, to manage the Metcalf Lake property for public recreation. 

Education and Research

In an effort to create a usable, natural area for public enjoyment, work towards a management plan for the Metcalf Lake property continues to be a future goal and will include information about:

-Management Intent

-Property Overview

-Management Goals & Objectives

-Actual Environment


-Impacts on Natural Resources

-Implementation Plan

Revenue Sources

​The heavily wooded property, after many years without ongoing upkeep, requires proper forest management, entrance drive & parking area improvements , invasive species control/eradication, fisheries survey, trails, cabin and  outbuilding removal for the safety of visitors.  A timber harvest was conducted by the CCD in the spring of 2016, with hope that the revenue would benefit the Metcalf Lake property improvements. Due to unforeseen financial hardship experienced by the CCD, plans for property improvements continue to be a future goal and responsibility yet to be met. 

Hunting Lease Rights

At this time, there are not hunting lease rights on Metcalf Lake Property.

Directions and Information:

Baseline Road access is open, but the North Avenue entrance is not accessible.

Please contact the Calhoun Conservation District for Metcalf Lake driving directions or for more information  at (269) 781-4867, ext. 5 or e-mail

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