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L B Acres

Convis Township, Calhoun County, Michigan


Conservation Area: LB Acres – 13.4 Acres

Location: Convis Township, Section 27 

Parcesl: 08-272-027-01 and 08-272-027-02

Street Address:  15800 N Drive North, Marshall, MI  49068

Conservation Area Description

LB Acres consists of a pond, wooded areas and upland with a pole barn on the property. At one time a peat harvest business was operated on the property.

Education and Research                                                                                                        

LB Acres is located in close proximity to the Cornwell’s Turkey Farm, Convis Township Hall, and Bernard W. Baker Sanctuary. During spring and fall, Sandhill cranes and an abundance of waterfowl can be viewed on the property or flying overhead during peak migration.                                                                                                 . 

Revenue Sources                                                                                                             

Rotational timber harvests to manage properties are conducted periodically. There have been no timber harvests on LB Acres by the CCD.


Hunting Lease Rights                                                                                                               

LB Acres has been leased yearly for hunting rights in the past. During this time, visitors are not allowed to hike on the property for safety reasons. Please check with the Calhoun CD office for more information.



The name for the property was in respect to Larry B. Smith, who had acquired the property in 1992 and donated the two parcels to Calhoun Conservation District in 2005.  Mr. Smith lived out of state in Illinois, but visited relatives in Michigan while growing up.  The generosity of Larry & Hildi Smith with their property donation continues to impact stewardship and  nature conservation today.

During the winter of 2011, an ice storm throughout the area created wide spread damage to woodlands and properties in the area.  The roof and siding of the pole barn was damaged after a large oak tree fell on the building. Extensive repairs were done to the pole barn and property.