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Tracy Bronson, Executive Director 269-781-4867, x5

Tracy has a background in business management and administration, and has worked for the Calhoun Conservation District for 20 years. She is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, is active with the Calhoun County Chapter of Pheasants Forever and is a Master Gardener volunteer.

Sharon Williams, MAEAP Technician 269-781-4867 x 140

Sharon earned a B.S. in Natural Resource Management at MSU. She worked as a groundwater technician, a watershed project coordinator, and wrote nutrient management plans before becoming a MAEAP technician. Sharon lives on a 1,000 acre farm north of Marshall with her husband and children, where they raise field crops and beef cattle.

Brett Riser, Project Coordinator 269-781-4867, x 133

Brett earned a B.S. from Michigan State University in Fisheries and Wildlife Management. His area of expertise is managing Michigan's aquatic ecosystems. In his spare time you can find Brett outdoors enjoying hunting, fishing, and camping.

Calhoun Conservation District Board of Directors

Guided by a locally elected Board of Directors, the CCD currently employs seven full-time, knowledgeable staff with backgrounds in natural resource management, wildlife management, biology, agriculture, education and business administration.

Gregory Fountain, Chairman

Greg's family owns and operates a corn and soybean farm in NE Calhoun County. He is dedicated to conservation efforts and has served on the Board for more than 15 years.

Jim Smith, Vice-Chairman

Jim is an outdoor enthusiast and sportsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, trapping and working with his hunting dogs. He has been a county resident for 14 years and works for Duncan Aviation.

Linda Kubiak, Treasurer

Linda lives in Clarence Township and also serves on the township board. Linda operates a pre-school and, with her husband, operates a local farm producing corn, soybeans and hay.

Dustin Rhodes, Secretary

Dustin moved to Battle Creek in 2006 with his wife, a Calhoun County native. An MSU graduate with a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Dustin shares passion for the outdoors and for the residents of Calhoun County. He is an Iraqi war veteran serving for the US Marine Corps and still serves in the Michigan Army National Guard.

Eric Tobin, Director

Eric lives in Albion and for the past decade has served on the board of the Michigan Society of Herpetologists (www., and is their current President, talking to thousands of people annually about conservation and education as it relates to Reptiles and Amphibians.